The product keeps indefinitely when dry and away from moisture.

Certain surfaces are to be avoided because of the acidity of the product such as:

– Unvarnished wood

– Enamel

– Aluminum

– Marble

– Quartz

Dkrut is not a toxic product for the skin, but can cause itching. We therefore recommend avoiding direct contact with powder.

The Dkrut sachet can be diluted in any container, however, we recommend the use of a classic vaporizer.

Depends on the size of the kettle, but in general it’s recommended to put half a sachet with water.

 Yes, Dkrut is an effective product on your windows and leaves no residue after use.

To maximize the smell, we recommend between 10 and 12 drops of essential oil.

Yes, Dkrut is also effective in cleaning residue and limescale from your toilets.

The product is to be avoided for screens, given its acidity, it could damage them.